Commercial Loans at 4.45% for Business Owners

Do you have a client who is planning on opening up a new location or is planning a new business venture; say a new office building, shopping centre, industrial warehouse or apartment complex? They will most probably need a commercial loan and you’ve come to the right place.

We have access to lenders who will provide commercial loans at 4.45% interest secured against a commercial or residential property. If the loan is secured against a commercial property, the maximum term of the loan is 15 years, however if secured against a residential property, the maximum term of the loan is 25 years.

Interest only is also available and even better – it comes with no interest rate loading.

To be eligible, the Lender requires a provision of 2 years financials for all borrowers and guarantees.

If you have a client who is looking for a commercial loan with a great rate, get in touch today.